About Us


Technosoft Innovations has integrated in-house facilities in the US and India with the concept to prototype build, testing for safety, reducing external dependencies/risks and shortening the development cycle. Our development team comprises of experienced engineers in Electrical, Mechanical, Electronics Hardware, Embedded Software and, Quality and Regulatory compliance management across diverse industries.

We offer domain specific system level solutions for medical devices, consumer products, automotive infotronics and telecom equipment. We also support our customers with their new product introduction by providing a flexible and scalable operational model with latest technology, robust quality systems including ISO 13485 and stringent IP security. We also back FDA 510(k), UL, CE and other regulatory application processes.

Our customer’s competitive edge is enhanced through innovative design methodologies, reduced costs and faster time-to-market.

Technosoft Innovations, Inc., is the product development arm of Technosoft Engineering, a multi-disciplinary engineering project company with a team of 400+ engineers serving customers globally.

Why Technosoft

  • Innovative design and timely delivery to help reduce time to market
  • Improve cost efficiency by competitive design methodology
  • Gain access to global and emerging markets through customized designs
  • Rapid product design for efficient market launch
  • Inherent system engineering approach to product design
  • Proactive adherence to quality standards to achieve regulatory compliance certifications