Digital Signal Processing Applications

Digital Signal Processing Applications

Any engineering professional will understand the term Digital Signal Processing. Yes, it is quite critical to process information in a form that is understandable to everyone. Digital Signal Processing involves making the information understandable for the user. Several changes have taken place in this field. The evolution of computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones etc. are the embodiment of these developments. Most of these are mere digital signal processing applications. A task which took so much human effort is now reduced to a mere click or a few clicks. Read More >>

Process Involved in Medical Device Prototyping

Medical Device Prototyping

When you manufacture and sell an electronic product such as a Gaming Console or Smart Phone, you serve the luxury needs of an individual. But this situation is completely different when it comes to medical devices. Here you’re not addressing their luxuries. Rather you’re addressing their fundamental needs. Hence you’re bound to extra careful while manufacturing a medical device or a medical product. The above statement makes one realize the importance of Medical Device Prototyping. Yes, when one can develop a prototype of a product that addresses the luxury needs of an individual, addressing to one’s fundamental needs require much more attention. Read More >>

Key Principles Involved In Product Re-Engineering


Building a product from the scratches is one process and rebuilding the already existing product is another one. Not all customers are going to ask you the same product. Some have different requirements. Infact, it is way more than different. Yes, they want it completely in contrast to what you do as a whole for many. Is it changing the cooling capacity of your refrigerator or adding an extra feature in your mixer grinder? You need to undergo all these processes in Re-Engineering of a product. This is more of beginning to build a product right from the scratches, but in a different way. Here are some principles of Re-Engineering one should follow to get the best outcomes and deliver the best.


Key steps in Medical Product Development

Medical Product Development

Every industry is different and so is healthcare. Everywhere we have products and services. But not all are manufactured the same way. Especially when it comes to healthcare, there are certain steps involved to determine the quality, relevance and sustainability of the product. But not all medical product development companies are following these crucial steps and are losing out to several competitors who carefully implement them. Here are the five crucial steps in Medical Product Development that you can’t afford to miss. Read More >>

Ever Thought of a Smart Hospital?

Smart Hospital

Nowadays, we quite often hear the word smart i.e. Smartphone, Smart computer and even Smart City. Everything that we use and involve manual operations is now becoming dynamic with the word smart. Even our transport system is becoming smart and the next one to join the list is hospitals. Yes, hospitals are now to be called as smart hospitals. Thanks to IoT which employs advanced technologies to simplify all these operations in just a few clicks. Here are some traits of a smart hospital. Read More >>

Smart Homes: IoT and M2M Revolutionizing the Way we Live

There has been a rapid evolution of technology in the past decade. The internet, social media, smartphones, cloud computing, big data analytics along with other technological advancements have simply transformed the way we work, live and socialize. The modern homes are smarter than ever, thanks to the latest smart gadgets and cutting-edge innovations, Internet of Things and Machine-to-Machine communications. Read More >>

Wireless Power Technology: The New Portable Power Delivery Ecosystem

Wireless Power Transmission holds the promise of freeing us from the domination of power cords. The technology is increasingly being incorporated into various electronic devices. Different wireless technologies exist for both near-field and far-field communications. These include inductive, RF, resonant, ultrasound and infrared charging. Read More >>

5th of Five blogs covering each of the listed steps in the medical device process


Final delivery and validation of a medical device at a customer site is a significant achievement for all.

When control of the device is transferred to the customer, it represents the culmination of what may well be years of effort among thousands of people. Finally, patients have the opportunity to benefit from the tremendous investment of work and intellectual capital that must be involved.