Considerations in Medical Product Designing

Medical Product DesigningTechnology in the medical field has grown quite widely. Thanks to technological advances. We come across a lot of minimally invasive design procedures for cardiac and esophageal ailments especially. But all new technology and innovations have the same basics. Anything new is definitely devised based on these considerations. Hence here are seven basic considerations to be done before medical product designing. A design engineer must understand these considerations and build a medical product. Failing to do so will lead to lack of quality in your work. The most successful of all brands took up these considerations quite seriously and this is the secret of their success.

There is always a battle of quality and quantity in manufacturing. The one who delivers the maximum number is definitely not offering the right quality the product deserves. Most importantly, not offering the quality people are looking out for. Accuracy is far more important in Medical Product Designing because it deals with lives of people.

You set a lifetime for everything you do right? In order to let the product sustain for long, you need to build robust mechanisms. Often, mechanisms either small or big fail terribly and speak upon overall usability of the product. For example, you have a soft mist inhaler (nebulizer) which might not have a proper 180 degree rotator. In such a case, this leads to a shorter lifecycle of the product.

Lifecycle of a product depends upon the limit it can stretch. You take an elastic thread and stretch it as much as you can. At one point it will obviously breakdown as it cannot withstand the pressure. But unfortunately the end-user will never accept this theory as you promised to deliver an elastic thread which will keep stretching farther and farther. Hence you need to define the limit when you deliver or you really need to deliver something as you promised.

Mechanical Safety
Imagine a situation wherein you have dosing equipment that does a combination of mechanical and electrical operations within. But the circuits and boards cannot be visible as it may freak out the user and in case of a short circuit, the damage might be severe. So this clearly explains that components of your product must be well covered and at the same time shouldn’t be sandwiched for ease of use.

When you manufacture a product, you need to define the purpose of it much better. For example, you manufacture a Geri Chair which is used in a different way by the people. In this case, the usability of your product is completely changing and it is not serving the right purpose. Hence you need to manufacture products in such a way that it demonstrates the need in the right way possible.

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