Digital Signal Processing Applications

Digital Signal Processing Applications

Any engineering professional will understand the term Digital Signal Processing. Yes, it is quite critical to process information in a form that is understandable to everyone. Digital Signal Processing involves making the information understandable for the user. Several changes have taken place in this field. The evolution of computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones etc. are the embodiment of these developments. Most of these are mere digital signal processing applications. A task which took so much human effort is now reduced to a mere click or a few clicks.

Hearing Aid
Medical industry majorly benefitted out of digital signal processing and hence several digital signal processing applications exists. The best example is hearing aid. One can overcome hearing disability using this machine. Every hearing aid will have a microphone that picks up sound and converts it into an electrical signal and then digitizes the same. In the final stage, processed digital signal is converted to analog form and delivered as sound to the Ear.

EEG Tests
Seizure is among the deadly diseases. This is not an external ailment that one can see. A well versed medical professional can diagnose deeply and tell the person is suffering from Seizure. But EEG Test has simplified this process and even an amateur medical professional can tell that a person is suffering seizure. We see new born babies suffering from seizure including middle aged and older individuals. This test is benefitting all of them well in recovering soon.

Blood Pressure Signals
How do you know one is short tempered? Obviously, looking at the way they react. But the factor triggering that anger is blood pressure. Yes, a person tends to yell when the pressure in his/her blood goes high. But how do you see? Traditionally, by checking the pulse rate of the individual and you find a disturbance which means blood pressure.

Image Processing
Until 1990s, Cameras came with a film roll. Every image consumed a film and one has to take it to a photo studio to get it printed. The cost involved in it was quite higher. But thanks to digital cameras and DSLR cameras that are making are works easier. In a second we get to see processed images and you can get it printed in minutes or hours.

Audio & Video Compression
Our telephonic conversations will be the best example to how audio compression with DSP works. The way our television works explains DSP based video compression. But several people question why DSP for audio and video. What we see and hear is 100 percent prompt. You can’t imagine your TV shows moving slow right between each frame or your telephonic conversations taking place with a long gap. Not all technologies have the ability to perform tasks in just seconds. But DSP comes with that ability and hence the most sought technology. Audio and Video Compression is the most important of all Digital Signal Processing Applications.

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