Establishing Quality Systems in Medical Product Design

Establishing Quality Systems in Medical Product DesignQuality is a keyword to conquer and succeed in a world where change is the only constant thing. Most importantly, it is essential to ensure quality to at least please the regulators to go ahead. Medical device manufacturing alone comes with a lot of regulator satisfying acts. Not only in the region where you do business, but also in every single geography you enter, you’re liable to comply with regulatory norms. They’re essentially not the same what you have in your home market. Moreover, nowadays every single process requires certification. For example, for information security there exists an ISO certification that requires your organization to be more and more specific about sharing information. Here are some basic factors to establish latest quality systems and regulatory frameworks in a medical product design company.


Whenever you implement some new rules, coping up with them becomes difficult for your team. Especially, with standards those are completely alien. For example, let us say you’re building a medical product for North American market. You need to see the FDA norms there and follow manufacturing processes accordingly. Your medical product design should be a replication of the FDA norms to let you have a smooth entry into the market. But those norms are alien to your working conditions if you’re in a different geography. Hence you and your team should first understand the difference between the two and adapt to a different style of working.

Professional Learning

To get flexible with the norms, sometimes you have to train your team with new skills. For example, to comply with information security management, they may have to understand how information security systems work. You will have to train them in understanding the same concepts in and out. By doing so, you will actually make your team experts in handling your internal security systems. Especially while making a medical device or creating a medical product design, your team has to be pretty much skilled in cyber security to avoid phishing attacks etc.

Internal Controls & Reporting

You would’ve setup a quality system or a regulatory framework in your organization months before. But are you keeping track of the progress? Is your organization or your employees following these norms without fail? To ensure this, you have to setup a proper reporting system. Wherein every single employee will report on his/her work based on the regulatory guidelines. Your quality improves day after day if you manage to do this quite consistently.

Risk Compliance

Analyzing risk and complying with standards breaking all the odds is quite an important process. You may have developed a product based on a specific set of guidelines, but the same might have been upgraded. This is risk because you put all your efforts with your team to build a product and there is a risk to rework on everything now.

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