Ever Thought of a Smart Hospital?

Smart Hospital

Nowadays, we quite often hear the word smart i.e. Smartphone, Smart computer and even Smart City. Everything that we use and involve manual operations is now becoming dynamic with the word smart. Even our transport system is becoming smart and the next one to join the list is hospitals. Yes, hospitals are now to be called as smart hospitals. Thanks to IoT which employs advanced technologies to simplify all these operations in just a few clicks. Here are some traits of a smart hospital.

Patient & Staff Monitoring System

Let us say, you run a bigger hospital with 1000s of beds. But are you keeping track of every single patient? Are you sure they are recovering? IoT helps you do it with ease. Technically, Indoor GPS is the system used for this feature. Every movement, treatment and entry in the patient’s room can be accessed from one place. Also, you get timely updates on the patient’s treatment progress. This will eventually help you in improving quality.

Integrate Monitoring Devices

Not all patients have the same ailments right? Some are acute and some are chronic. And some are even bed ridden for long. In case of a patient who is bed ridden for long, you need constant monitoring. Anytime the patient might start responding. But the monitoring devices are different and standalone. Not all are the same. IoT helps in integrating all these devices together. So you can understand what is happening to the patient. If his/her blood pressure goes low, you can instantly track and also compare with other health metrics easily.

Implementing In-Hospital Patient Flow Management

A large hospital with more no. of beds should definitely expect a large number of patients. But not all large hospitals bother to manage this flow. Hence it adds up to the chaos. At the end, you don’t know the exact patient in-flow and you are muddled with confusion. Implementing in-hospital patient flow management is a part of IoT which tracks the number of people who walk in and register. It also helps in differentiating based on the help of illnesses.

Pharmacy Inventory Management

Pharmacy is an integral part of the hospital. Be it inpatient or outpatient, everyone buy medicines from the in-house pharmacy. But often pharmacies won’t have the required medicines. Hence they end up giving away the alternates. Eventhough that is not harmful, the exact medicine prescribed by the doctor is to be given. IoT helps a team of quality analysts to monitor availability of medicines in the in-house pharmacy. Hence the pharmacy can refill the inventory every now and then.

Technosoft Innovations’ Smart Home Solutions

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