Key Principles Involved In Product Re-Engineering


Building a product from the scratches is one process and rebuilding the already existing product is another one. Not all customers are going to ask you the same product. Some have different requirements. Infact, it is way more than different. Yes, they want it completely in contrast to what you do as a whole for many. Is it changing the cooling capacity of your refrigerator or adding an extra feature in your mixer grinder? You need to undergo all these processes in Re-Engineering of a product. This is more of beginning to build a product right from the scratches, but in a different way. Here are some principles of Re-Engineering one should follow to get the best outcomes and deliver the best.

Organize Around Outcomes

The biggest mistake any professional could do. Always, your work is organized around tasks. For example, if a particular task takes a specific time, you plan the whole activity based on the task. Unlikely, you miss out on the outcome which is the most essential and critical factor. Hence always plan a task based on the overall outcome. This will ensure you deliver the best results by making your team do their 100 percent. Else, the whole process is going to consume a lot of time and not allow you to go further.

Identify Processes & Prioritize

Some Re-engineering processes are very important and critical for an organization. Some might be important, but not to be given so much priority. This is where professionals miss out. They end up performing tasks that are least important for quite a long time and fail to understand that the client want them to focus on some other task more. Such gaps will cost your organization more in terms of reputation. Hence you need to identify processes and prioritize them accordingly to avoid all the unnecessary chaos.

Give Importance to All Geographies You’re In

Yet another important principle you can’t afford to miss. You will be a global company with wider exposure to different cultures. You have clients in the Middle East as well as the Far West. But do you know how all these teams are performing as a whole? Or do you know if they all are delivering the right results based on the organizational goals? If not, you have to seriously start following this principle. Several organizations are not able to meet their targets only because they’re not able to manage teams in multiple geographies. Even if they can manage, they’re not sure if the team is delivering the right results. Very few organizations give importance to every single geography they are present in. Eventhough it is the smallest and the remotest of all locations. Such organizations have won over competitions consistently and stood ahead always.

Control the Process

Consistency is the key for any business to sustain. You’re delivering a product and you wish to continue the same for centuries. If so, you need to consistently grow and understand the changing trends, adopt yourselves according to it. But consistency has to be looked after at all levels. Even if a single process fails, there is going to be a big gap between the results and the efforts taken. So you need to constantly control the process to deliver best results.

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