Medical Devices

Technosoft Innovations is a medical device new product development & prototyping house. We provide leadership in designing high-performing healthcare systems which convert concept dreams to a commercially viable product in reality. Our work is embedded in the formulation of intelligent strategies which deliver sustainable products for health improvement, and our flawless design also enhances the human experience of medical care.

Prominent products do not happen by chance. They are intended acts of design by which the desirability of a product is directly proportional to its effect. Technosoft Innovations operates at this nexus of cause and meaning, where art and innovation incorporate in products that surpass being merely useful objects, to products that deliver rewarding experiences. We feel that transformative products verdict a well-organized design process where skill & know-how meets great ideas, and where passion meets experience which results in market success.

The key trend in medical device industry is very much focused and technology driven by original equipment manufacturers and consumers in terms of cost, easy user interface, point of care, connectivity solutions and precision clinical data.

The Healthcare industry has been experiencing ever evolving challenges in the field of medical devices. At Technosoft, we understand the key challenges of medical device design and manufacturing such as cost, productivity pressures, expanding competitive landscape, product recalls, and end of life and product sustenance aspects. We provide innovative medical device design solutions to address these challenges and reduce the burden of device manufactures. Our knowledge in usability design methods enables the end customers to have a rich user experience. Technosoft, with its immense knowledge & experience in regulatory compliant Hardware and Software design, enables device manufacturers to shorten the FDA clearance, UL and/or CE registrations.