Red flags to know when product development services should be outsourced

Defining how product development services should be outsourced

For researchers and entrepreneurs, taking an innovative medical device to market requires careful planning. To successfully commercialize a medical device, outsourcing key aspects to suppliers of product development services can prove highly beneficial. It frees up resources to focus on what you do well. So, how do you plan what to outsource?

Identifying human resources

Having the people with knowledge of how to develop an idea into a tangible product that will help solve a medical problem isn’t always straight-forward. A company will typically follow a business model that defines the type of resources, human and otherwise, they invest in. This means that you may not always have the right people on staff or have adequate logistical procedures in place to tackle the totality of your product’s development process.

Defining a reasonable timeline

For a medical device to have commercial potential and attract investors, your timeline must be enticing. Long lead-times, a lack of production streamlining and an overall long turn-around will only increase the time and resource investment. It also heightens the risk of unforeseen hiccups which can reduce the eventual profit margin and return on investment. Not a single aspect of your product development cycle should be rushed, but you should also ensure you are not wasting time by setting up company processes or hiring staff that will not benefit you in the long run.

Acknowledging infrastructure limitations

Prototyping, manufacturing, testing, and clinical trials require the right infrastructure. It doesn’t always make sense for a business to expand their real-estate and purchase equipment for the sake of product development. If your objective is to develop a new medical device with the intent to take it to market, investing in all these manufacturing and testing requirements will only further increase your cost, inflate your selling price and diminish the commercial viability of your final product.

Assessing your network

Innovation takes on many guises, that is both the beauty and the difficulty of it. Different innovations will require different know-how, follow varying manufacturing processes and abide by different regulatory rules. No two projects are the same, meaning keeping all the knowledge in-house can become a costly endeavor. It makes more sense to rely on somebody else’s expertise and contacts to get a process moving at a faster pace than having to design and engineer everything from scratch.

How outsourcing helps

Outsourcing to a supplier of product development services can help you streamline your operations. These partners help by taking over key aspects of these process where you might be lacking the expertise, knowledge or resources. But you must carefully select these partners, not necessarily settling for the lowest bidder. They need to be able to offer verifiable advantages such as:

  • Being knowledgeable of the market.
  • Offering the engineering and technological knowledge required.
  • Having the proper infrastructure.
  • Being able to call upon a network of dependable suppliers and subcontractors.

Furthermore, a clear contract must be in place.  This contract must leave no room for assumption by being all-encompassing to avoid surprises. Seek full-service subcontractors to avoid having too many cogs turning at the same time.

In choosing the right partners for product development services, you optimize your own processes and free up a lot of time and resources to focus on all the aspects required to draft a business plan that will attract investors and ultimately lead to your product being taken to market.

Technosoft specializes in medical device prototyping and offers in-house product development services and manufacturing expertise. We also help you prepare for all compliance requirements to ensure the transition from idea to commercialized product is optimized.

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