Product Development Solutions

In today’s age, Technology and Business are turning more convoluted. Technosoft Innovations humanizes Product Development Services through deep research, new design strategies, and insights. Technosoft provides end-to-end product development services, prototyping services and new product design and development services

Product Development Solutions take an ardent, autonomously minded approach to solve design related problems. We question hypothesis and drive innovation, and provide answers to challenging design problems by changing the question, or by way of other “out-of-the-box” creative approaches.

Our full-service, in-house team works jointly to achieve the distinctive requests of each project. Working side by side, market experts and discipline leaders swap discernments to reveal new opportunities for efficiency. This diligent alliance permits us to bridge smart design with precise functionality.

Cost, reliability, quality, marketing, aesthetics, manufacturability, and function all devote requirements to a product. The aim of Product Engineering is to create a design that meets these requirements.

At Technosoft, we understand the increasing demand for New Product Introductions worldwide and the challenges associated with delivering innovative, timely and regulatory compliant products. New product Introductions require Inventors and Manufacturers to look for solutions that are innovative, accurate, secure and cost-effective.

Leverage Technosoft Innovations capabilities across entire product development lifecycle and truly unique prototyping services to accelerate innovation, achieve faster-time-to-market and cost optimization.

To achieve such design and manufacturing excellence, we provide solutions which:

  • Create Innovation
  • Shorten product design life cycle
  • Reduce manufacturing costs
  • Ease financial pressures
  • Realize predictable time to market

Technosoft Innovation provides solutions and services such as:

  • Hardware solutions
  • Firmware development & porting
  • Development of device drivers
  • System software & GUI development
  • Diagnostics, Low Level Device Drivers
  • Development and testing of Wireless products Embedded OS
  • Connected homes
  • Real Time OS customization
  • Media streaming solutions
  • Implementation of communication standards like DLNA, Zigbee, WiFi, Bluetooth
  • Digital Signal Processing applications such as Face Recognition
  • Hardware prototype development
  • Development of prototypes and ecosystem support for manufacturing
  • Device and field testing for electronics
  • Middleware engineering, gaming frameworks development and third party device integration

Here we unload supporting processes like product design and development activities from crucial resources in your organization. This gives you more time to focus and strengthen core business activities. Our goal is to become a valuable partner in your development strategy, demanding little supervisory time but delivering cost-effective and high-quality results for your product.

End To End Design Solutions