Trends Emerging in Electronic Product Development

Trends Emerging in Electronic Product DevelopmentIf one industry has been very focused on implementing change one after the other, it will definitely be the IT and electronics. Every now and then we see new versions of the existing electronic products emerging out. Consumers nowadays demand a lot and with millennials, the demands are growing quite rapidly. Hence every electronic product development companies are implementing different strategies to meet the demands of the end user and become a market leader. But the rapidly growing demands and heavy competition is making this space tougher. So what is driving the next big wave in the technology space? Let us see below.

Smart Homes & Factories
It is not too late to say IoT is already making waves in our lives. Probably all our activities are now assisted by IoT. But it is not homes alone that IoT has impacted. Even manufacturing facilities and offices are implementing the same. Sensory devices, cloud infrastructure and rugged mobility devices are some of the things happening in the B2B space. So the whole world around us is turning out to be smart. Even automatic assembling is already happening in full force in major manufacturing units especially in the automobile world.

Anywhere Everywhere Service

Did you ever think about a service that you can do from anywhere and everywhere? If you didn’t, get ready to experience or deliver the same to the end users. Yes, people are demanding anywhere everywhere service quite rapidly now and that is all set to take shape soon. For example, you might live in a remote location and you need to get some help. In that case, you can contact or signal someone nearby for help with the use of your GPS coordinates. Even though this is not something very new, its integration with IoT and other technical services is going to make all the difference.

Smart watches and smart phones are already ruling the roost. But what next is something making noise elsewhere. Already smart watches are equipped with a lot of capabilities which a smartphone can’t do. Likewise, other common devices you use at your home like a refrigerator or a Television or even a music system can be integrated with any of these devices. You can have a check on its performance and working conditions quite regularly. Even though this is not a very common phenomenon, research is going to see the best way to implement it. There could be some isolated regions or clusters where it is practiced widely.

A decade before people got fed up with the huge sized televisions that were not turning out to be good enough to handle. That is the time when LCD came and conquered the whole market. Nowadays we get to see a lot of LCD televisions at home. Unlikely LCD is turning out to be old fashioned and people are rather choosing to buy something called OLED TVs. OLEDs are light weight than LCD and come with better picture quality. It has a good response time, power efficiency as well as thickness. Hence very soon we can see OLEDs rather than LCD TVs elsewhere.

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