Why outsourcing medical device prototyping is essential to product development

The benefits of outsourcing medical device prototyping for product development

Medical Device PrototypingMedical device prototyping is crucial when designing a new medical device. Without it, your concept will never materialize into a commercially viable product. It’s your opportunity to put the real-life applications of your product to the test. These are the applications, after all, that will sell your device when it’s on the market.

Outsourcing solves resource issues

To design and launch a new product requires considerable resources, which you might not have readily available. These include human resources, such as qualified engineers or researchers, and infrastructures, such as a lab, prototyping plant, or even basic premises. Investing in additional resources can make your budget spiral out of control. You might also only need these resources for the duration of your project, which undermines any long-term financial gain.

Outsourcing to a medical device prototyping service provider does away with the need for such investment.

Specialized companies have the right experience

It’s important to research potential partners thoroughly and not just settle for the lowest bidder. Many service providers are highly specialized and can offer comprehensive and clearly defined services. Working with the right partner speeds up the medical device prototyping process, which ultimately cuts your costs and shortens your time to market. This shorter turn-around helps create a compelling proposal that will attract investors. Benefits from outsourcing to the right company include, but are not limited to:

  • Increased flexibility, as your outsourcing partners can work on a per-project basis.
  • You are ensured of a quality product, as your partners have existing processes and resources in place, meaning they adhere to the highest industry standards and have automated key aspects of their prototyping processes.
  • Assistance with medical trials or device testing. This is an intricate part of the prototyping process and something your partner should be able to take on.
  • Your partners can call upon their own network to assist you in aspects of your product development, such as pre-production or the aforementioned clinical trials.

Regulatory compliance

In the United States, medical device clearance goes through the FDA. Your device needs to adhere to a classification system ranging from class I to III, with each tier having more stringent requirements than the last. Class I and II can be fast-tracked through a 510(k) submission.

The right outsourcing partner is aware of the regulatory requirements and will, therefore, implement processes that are compliant.

Focus your own resources

Outsourcing the relevant prototyping processes helps you keep your costs in check. Your financial investments are scaled to the project at hand, as you are making use of a service and incur an operational cost rather than making long term investments.

Through your medical prototyping partners, you can rest assured that your production process will adhere to industry standards and benefit from automated processes. You can map out a clear financial model for your medical device where time to market, profit margins, and eventual ROI are quantifiable and verifiable. All of this contributes to making your product a worthy investment for potential backers.

Technosoft offers prototyping facilities and qualified personnel that will help you create the best device possible. Through our network, we can assist you with comprehensive medical trials and testing. We also incorporate compliance requirements into our development strategy and can guide you through the process of compiling a strong case when submitting your device for market approval. In short, our medical prototyping services will help you achieve the best financial outcome possible, and simplify the process of taking your medical device to market.

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